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As known, one of the most interesting things on GraalOnline is developing worlds. Whether in animation, graphics, levels, or scripting, these development skills are one of the most powerful things on the game.

Of course, being staff on a world doesn't hold back the chance to have your own content on a world. For years, GraalOnline players have improved their creativity and skills to develop their own player graphics! That's right, whether in bodies, heads, shields, or swords; you can make your player look however you want! Whether being from the future, in a high-tech outfit to being a knight in the medieval times, all these custom looks can be made at your own wish!

Below are some templates for custom player looks.

Hat Template: Image:hattemplate.png

Head Template: Image:headtemplate.png

Sword Template: Image:swordtemplate.png

Shield Template: Image:shieldtemplate.png

Body Template: Image:bodytemplate.png

State Template: Image:statetemplate.png

These templates can be edited via any graphical related program. Once the template has finished it's recommended to remove the area's that should be transparant. Don't forget that Graal offers the application gif2mng.exe which can be found in the development package. This application can convert any '.GIF' image type into a '.PNG' image type.

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