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The #gscript community hopes that this site can provide a comprehensive and up to date resource of documentation of Graal's various features, which would be impossible without the great interactivity of a Wiki. Currently, the focus is mainly on technical aspects (GScript, Graal4) due to the technical nature of the community's interest, but the intent is to eventually provide guides to established playerworlds, various Graal-related communities and information on GraalOnline procedures.

The most well known and largest Wiki is most definitely the Wikipedia, and the first Wiki:WikiWikiWeb is part of Ward Cunningham's Portland Pattern Repository. Hopefully the obvious success of both, and the independence and open-mindedness of this Wiki, will encourage Graalians to similar greatness.

If you're new here, why not take a look at the master page listing or a random page to get you started? If you want to contribute to some work currently in progress, you might want to have a look at the recently changed pages as well. If you find a page that can be improved, you are invited to do so! You can also just use the Search function to find pages about topics that interest you, or start a new one if you cannot find one.

Also an interesting article could be List of Events, which contains all the happenings and events on Graal. Feel free to update if if something happens.

If you need help, consider joining the #gscript channel [1] and asking for advice.

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